Graduation marks the end of the structure of high school, before your entrance into the real world. You will realise that this is the end of a major part of your life, and it can be saddening - for you, your parents, your friends and maybe some teachers. It’s time to start a whole new part of your life.

We need to document this significant time of your life. What better way, than with photos! Check out your options below, as we offer the opportunity to document your whole senior year and include the friends who were by your side in this journey; because, you couldn't have done it without them!

"The Standard"

On the day of your Graduation celebration 
Includes photos of the individual, with partner (if applicable) and family photos at the location of your choosing in Townsville.

"The Senior"

Held on a day other than your graduation
A session of the graduate only, showcasing this time of their life (their senior year) with photos of them performing their talent/hobby i.e. sport, instrument. Alternatively, they can simply have some nice portraits in nice casual dress at chosen location/s. This is a creative type session where we work together to create a fun look!

"The Whole Gang"

Held on a day other than your graduation
A session of the graduate with their best friend or a group of up to 5 friends - this can be on a beach, in a skate park, a park/garden, hanging out around the pool. Essentially, photos of them all hanging out together having a good time, to remember this time of their lives.

"The Complete Senior"

Includes "The Standard" and YOUR CHOICE of "The Senior" or "The Whole Gang"

"The Complete Senior Year"

Includes "The Standard", "The Senior" and "The Whole Gang"

Contact me if you need more information or help to understand the options further.