There will come a time you want to look back on how little your baby was, what colour their hair was, how long their hair was and how their gummy smile looked! Babies change so rapidly, which is why it is so important to capture special moments in their first year and beyond. We all like to look back to compare their growth and fully enjoy every stage. You see them each and every day, so it is easy to miss the nuanced changes to your baby's appearance - I've fallen trap to this!

Milestone photos can be when you want and what you want! It is hard to run out of milestones when you have a newborn, as it seems each day they're developing a new skill! Here is an idea of the milestones we can capture:

- First 12 months: every month, as you know, deserves a dedication

- 3, 6 and 9 months: You may like in the same setting each time to see their growth while the setting remains the same

- The Sitter: To celebrate their ability to sit unassisted 

- "The First...": First haircuts, tooth, word, rolled over, crawled, stood, walked

- One year: Cake smash and bubble bath are the popular session for this age group, but not a must! We can tailor a session for your little one's first birthday, even it were just a simple white to showcase your baby.

- Subsequent birthdays: Styled to their interests at that age

Available in studio or on location.


Monthly portraits


Sitter session


The First....


Cake smash & bubble bath