Congratulations! You are expecting a beautiful little bundle of joy. This magical experience has your body changing as your baby grows inside you, along with your excitement!  I'm sure you're probably thinking about what to put in your hospital bag already.. soon, your whole life will be about this little person. 

Let's take a pause on all this excitement and showcase you in the spotlight by having some professional maternity photos taken before your life turns around. A Maternity session showcases your journey into motherhood and shows just what your incredible body is capable of. These photos also capture such a special moment in time, which allows you to reminisce and enjoy them for years to come. 

So, when is the best time for your maternity photos?
- When you feel most comfortable and still feeling good. Around 30-36 weeks when your belly is nice and round. 
Of course it is up to you, just avoid missing out and don't leave it too late as some babies come early! 

Available in studio or on location.